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                        Quanzhou Tietong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a "National Hi-Tech Enterprise", "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise", "National Torch Plan Quanzhou microwave communications industry base backbone enterprises,""Innovative Demonstration Enterprises in Fujian province," "Intellectual Property Advantages of Fujian Province"the Ministry of Railways of wireless communications equipment, professional research and development unit, and has the wireless communications industry, Fujian provincial Spark Technology Innovation Center, Fujian Province, software companies and other research platform. Our company was founded in March 1997, set up headquarters known as the "Marine Silk Road" of historical and cultural city – it is a former state-owned electronic instrument factory in Quanzhou, founded by the restructuring of the joint-stock enterprise technology research and development. Enterprises are now a total land of 25 acres, building area of ??25,000 square meters, registered capital of 30.5 million, 80 million actual assets. Has become a collection of scientific research, manufacturing, sales, engineering, design and installation services for high-tech joint-stock enterprise integrated. The company's main products include railway wireless communication systems, microwave communication equipment, digital radio, and other products, has been widely promoted and applied in railway, public security, forests, water and other private cluster network, and has gradually pushed Venezuela, Angola etc.
                        The company currently employs nearly 300 people, 9 graduate degree, 11 senior engineers, college degree about 67.6%; Over the years, the company always adhere to the "people-oriented, technology innovation, quality and efficient, honest and trustworthy." business principles, advocating technology innovation, system innovation and management innovation. RF microwave, computer hardware and software, wireless communications, digital communications, antennas, signal sensing and automatic control, etc., with many independent core technology, access to a number of scientific research, as of October 2013, the enterprise has authorized or accepted 92 patents (of which 13 patents for invention, 66 utility model patents, 13 design patents), with 27 software copyrights; by the ministry of railway or provincial technological achievements appraisal, or 17 technical review of the new product. The company has completed research projects, there are "National Torch Plan" project 1 "National Torch Plan" project 2, the National SME Innovation Fund Project 7, the provincial science and technology innovation fund projects 4, "National Key New Product" project 5, provincial and municipal key projects 11; Entrepreneurship Award since 2010 to obtain a national invention; outstanding technical innovation; International Invention Exhibition Gold 2, National Invention Exhibition Gold 5, Fujian province science and technological progress second prize three items; and access to key national torch plan projects,2 national torch plan projects, four national key product plan,3 national small and medium sized enterprise innovation fund projects, as well as provincial 6?18 achievements and many other national, provincial and municipal projects, have mature industrial-scale production of technical ability.
                        Quanzhou Tietong Company will grab the railway communication by analog communication system gradually excessive now for the digital communication system upgrading opportunities,(such as digital dispatch switchboard, locomotives integrated equipment, repeter equipment, etc.), digital communication equipment, DMS scheduling command transmission equipment, train safety early warning to develop the new communication equipment,at the same time in the digital security transmission and terminal equipment, mine safety communication equipment and other products development, expand the scale of enterprise, to form a new economic growth point ,to create positive conditions in domestic market and in the future.